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We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium-quality EDTA SALTS that are available in powdered as well as liquid forms that can be used in a wide range of industrial as well as laboratory applications.

EDTA Disodium Salt
Food and pharmaceutical industries depend upon EDTA disodium salt that acts as a chelating agent. It is also used as a general chemical, and a sequestrant. The crystalline powder is soluble in water. It must be stored at room temperature. 

EDTA Trisodium Salt
The use of EDTA trisodium salt is in several cosmetic and personal care products. It is used as a chelating agent given the ability of this salt of ethylenediamine tetraacetic acidto bind metal ions. This is regarded as a safe ingredient for skin. 

EDTA Tetrasodium Salt
The ethylenediaminetetraacetic acidis neutralized with four equivalents of sodium hydroxide to form EDTA tetrasodium salt. This water soluble, white powderedsalt must be used with care as it can irritate skin, eyes and respiratory system. 

Edta Liquid (Tetra Sodium Edta Liquid)
Edta Liquid (Tetra Sodium Edta Liquid) is a colourless liquid that is supplied in drum to our customers. This liquid blends well with water. So many industries depend upon this product, for instance leather, paper, paint and fertilizer.

Zinc EDTA is mainly used as a fertilizer to supply enough zinc to soil and plants. This nutrient is helpful in plant growth and improving yield. This water soluble product comes in powder form. 

Iron EDTA is applied to the soil and plants. Plants quickly and easily absorb this product and get enough iron for the growth. This water soluble product must be stored in 15 - 25 °C temperature range. 

Plants that are copper deficient must be sprayed with copper EDTA fertilizer. The copper metal chelated with EDTA is great for copper deficient plants. It is also used in paddy and wheat fields. 

Magnesium Edta
Manganese EDTA is used as an agricultural fertilizer that dissolves in water and sprayed over plants. It is required to prevent and treat manganese deficiency in plants. It can also be used by people for their home garden. 


DTPA (DIETHYLENE TRI AMINE PENTA ACETIC ACID) compounds are white crystalline substances that are prepared by using top-quality chemical ingredients that are mixed within highly proportionate amounts. These chemistry products can be delivered to our customers at a low price range.

EDTA acid is a white powder that is supplied in sacks, which must not be handled with hooks. The full name of EDTA acid is Ethylene Diamine TetraAcetic acid. This is used in the field of pharma. 

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